Surroundings / attractions

Attractions in Jantar:

Apart from sea, Beach and beautiful forest, any guest can find a lot of other attractions that are worth seeing, namely:

  • Narrow gauge rail that goes in two directions, west direction where you can find the estuary of the Vistula river and east direction where you can visit different cities (Stegny, Sztutowo, Nowy Dwór Gdański, Malbork)
  • Mini Zoo with household animals or exotic animals like kangaroos, camels , lamas
  • Stud farm.
  • Pony-tail riding for younger children (200 meters from our Villa)
  • Ostrich farm
  • Cycle paths / bike lanes across whole Vistula spit in forest that can drive any biker to Krynica Morska.
  • A small island near the estuary of the Vistula where about one thousand grey seals live.
  • Nature reserve of Cormorants near Kąty Rybackie.